Busy Saturday. But Posted on Sunday!

As most Saturdays go today was not much different. Get up, put the coffee on, and get the dogs out to do their business. We have our two dogs, Cricket and Princess and our new foster, Noel.



This is a picture of Princess our bulldog greeting Noel upon arrival. Noel is a hunting dog/walker hound. She is super shy and is not use to being around people. She stays in her crate, behind the couch or when we are outside she hides in the back hedges. Noel is a work in progress. If I can get more pictures of the elusive hound, I will share them.


My passion for helping the shelter animals has manifested into something bigger. A small core group of volunteers and myself have officially incorporated a brand new non-profit to provide support, compassion and care to animals in our local shelter.


We are called L.E.A.S.H.,inc


It is our mission, as an independent non-profit organization, to work in conjunction with the Lake County Sheriff’s Office Animal Services, other local shelters, and animal advocacy groups to enhance the quality of life and shelter living conditions for shelter animals and to improve the prospect of these animals transitioning to a forever home. In working together, we will increase the rate of live release, decrease the shelter animals’ length of stay, and provide a more pleasant experience for the animals entrusted to the care of the shelter. ​​ We will realize this goal through charitable fund-raising, community outreach, volunteer and foster recruitment, medical sponsorships, and promotion of adoption. L.E.A.S.H., Inc. encourages compassion, enrichment, and care for shelter animals in our community. 

Visit our FaceBook page and “like” us!



Posting this on Sunday, a day late. I fell asleep on the couch last night!


Have a great Sunday!



Happy New Year! Welcome 2015

Whew!! Christmas sure did fly by this year,didn't it? I started playing Christmas music when It was Halloween and I finally stopped listening to it yesterday. The tree is down and the few decorations I did put up are packed up.


I also posted 5 mini goals to accomplish in January 2014:

  1. Go through my closet and get rid of what I no longer wear.
  2. Go through mom’s photo albums and then store them properly or give some of the photos to surviving family members.
  3. Look for a vacuum sealer/food saver to purchase. Do you have any feedback to share?
  4. Clean 18 sections of the vinyl fence that encloses the front yard. That will only leave 36 sections to clean in the next couple of months.

I don't remember if I went through my closet, but it is something I can do again this year.

I did not go through my mom's photo albums last year. I need to invest in a scanner and properly store the photos after scanning.

Vacuum sealer? My husband gave me one this year for Christmas. It's still in the box. But, I do plan on getting it out later this week.

The fence cleaning project. That is ongoing. I still have about 10 panels left to do from 2014. I told my husband we should just paint it black! Then we would not have to worry about cleaning it anymore.


I also wrote about keeping my grocery budget under 500.00. Well…..I doubt if my grocery budget has every been under control this whole year. I slacked in that department. Budgeting is my biggest challenge. I tend to wing it most days,I always have.

The last couple of years I sporadically participated in Crystal's Great Food Fight . It definitely kept me accountable, but I was not as consistent as I needed to be. But…I will make a dedicated effort to at least try to get the grocery budget under control for the New Year of 2015. And if I screw it up, I won't get so down on myself for not getting it right. All I can do is try!


What about you? Would you be interested in participating in the Great Food Fight of 2015?





Animal Shelter Bed Drive

Over the last couple of months I have spent many hours volunteering at our local animal shelter. I have the opportunity to get dogs out of the kennels, walk them, take them out in the back so they can play, and also show them off to new potential adopters.
The animal shelter is funded by tax payer dollars, and the shelter is only required to provide the minimum standard of daily care is recommended by the American Veterniary Society. They are provided kennels with food and water. On the adoptable side of the kennel there are approximately 100 kennels full with one dog each on the rare occasion sometimes two dogs each.
There is also an isolation wing of the kennel. I think there is about maybe 40 kennels on that side, but I don't get to go over there and that's just a guess. Not all of the kennels on the adoptable side of the shelter have beds for the dogs. The beds are called Kuranda beds. They are constructed out of PVC and vinyl and are elevated about 3 to 4 inches. This allows a dog to get up off the concrete and it's a soft place for them to rest and sleep.
We as a group of volunteers decided that we wanted to raise money and furnish all of the kennels with the Kuranda beds. It was estimated that we needed at least 30 Kuranda beds to make sure all the kennels had a bed for the dogs. The Kuranda company worked with us and provided special pricing for our event. With shipping the beds came to a total of $61 each. They are guaranteed for year and they are really quite durable.
The quickest and best way for us to do that was to have a yard sale. We scheduled a yard sale and it happened about two weeks ago. We had tons and tons of stuff to sell. We consider ourselves very successful with the sale as we raise close to $600.00. We had anonymous donors who graciously met and matched what we raised at the yard sale. There were also a local rescue that stepped up and donated seven Kuranda beds to our cause as well.

This is what my SUV looks like this morning! 28 Kuranda Beds headed to the shelter for an assembly party!



And after the assembly party, we had this to show for our efforts!


Now thanks to dedicated volunteers and a generous community,all the shelter dogs have a bed to sleep on.



My New Foster Pup


Welcome Shelby Mae! Shelby Mae is a senior beagle mix ( with blue tick maybe) and she is staying with us while under going heartworm treatment.


I am fostering her for our local animal shelter which is where I also volunteer a couple of days a week. Shelby Mae has been in the shelter about a month and was getting down in the dumps too. Initially, that is my primary reason for fostering her. It was only yesterday that I found out she was heartworm positive.


So far she is adjusting pretty well. My other two dogs are slowly accepting her into our pack. Mostly it is my Papillion that is having a bit of a struggle with the new addition. She is a bit territorial and thinks she runs the place.


Our local shelter is overflowing with cats and dogs. The shelter is also struggling with a lot of bad press. The shelter changed hands from being run by the County commissioners to being run by the sheriffs Department of this county. They recently hired a new director, the third one in about three years and she only lasted nine days.


The shelter is trying to build an image of being a low kill or no kill shelter. So what happens the first week? The new director puts down 20 animals in one day. (Rumor has it that she put down 147 animals in one week, but that is just the rumor) The new director was fired the very next day. Social media got a hold of that information and the story has been getting attention world wide.


Meanwhile, all this attention is being focused on the people involved but it seems as if the dogs and cats are not getting the attention they deserve. Our small group of volunteers is still working to get the animals photographed, put on the adopt a pet website, and to make sure that we can get them all out for a walk or get them out in the pen in the back so they can run and play in the grass.


  • Have you fostered a dog or cat?

  • Have you adopted from an animal shelter?







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