Today’s Agenda

Happy Saturday! This weekend is going to be a very busy weekend for us. I think you can call it and divide and conquer weekend. My husband is at his church in Orlando doing a workday installing some window air-conditioning units and other general maintenance. I'm going to to Tavares, Florida to help out at a adoption event for the local animal shelter.



eBay has been slow this month. And it could be slow for a variety of reasons. First reason being everybody's getting their taxes together trying to get that all straightened out. The second reason is spring has sprung and everybody who's been kept inside by the cold snowy, sleeting,weather is outside and they're not on the computers looking for things to buy on eBay.


I haven't been to the thrift store or the Goodwill as much as I usually am but I have been looking at garage sales online through Facebook to find items different items to sell. Here's a picture of my most recent acquisition.

This is a collection of horse statues from the trail painted ponies series.. Their all first and second editions and they're no longer being made.

I was able to get all six of these painted ponies for $25. I was in the same day that I purchased them, two of them are up for auction starting at $49.99. The other four buy it now now for $99.99 or best offer.


Yesterday I received an offer on one of the horses for $45.99 I want to have accepted the offer, the buyers paying shipping, so now I'm just waiting for them to pay. I hope you other horses sell as quickly and for just as much money. I could hold out for the higher dollar but since things are slow this month and that's to be expected, I'm going for the quick buck and am anxious see what happens.


I know it's only the middle of April but I don't think it's too early to start thinking about Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes. I'm going to be doing that project again through my church here in Clermont, and my husband's church in Orlando. We undertook this project two years ago and we were able to send 100 shoeboxes to Operation Christmas Child.


I'm excited to be working with both churches this year, I think with a combined effort we will be able to send at least 500 Operstion Christmas Child shoeboxes to Samaritans purse for distribution.

Here's our bully, Princess. She has her own pallet to sleep on, she has her own crate to sleep in, but she prefers the back of the couch. It doesn't help with her snoring, but as long as she's comfortable :-)


Have an awesome Saturday, it's time to get going and hit the road. I think I'm a try to get some thrifting along on the way to the animal adoption event. It's going to be a full and busy day.


Friday Update

Ha! I over drafted my checking. Sigh… I had the money on savings but forgot to send it over. Not a problem now as BOA already moved the money to cover the check. For a fee.


We had the grandkids over yesterday for an afternoon in the plastic pool. 80 degree weather this week, so we are making the best of it, before it gets too hot to be outside.

Today is yard work and house cleaning. Mowing is done, and I am finishing up the floors in the house. Here I blog while they dry.
I decided to go back to Weight Watcher this week. Man, I have got to do something!! The weight has piled on due to my inactivity and eating whatever I want. Today is the first day for both me and my husband of eating better and smarter.
During the discussions at the Weight Watchers meeting they were talking about activity and what are you doing to keep moving. The leader brought up the subject of a weighted hula hoop for exercise and toning. I thought, I have got to try that!.
After the meeting I went to Walmart, and went back to the sports equipment section and found a weighted hula hoop. I have to say, I tried that sucker yesterday and I couldn't keep it up on my hips for the life of me. And I might add, that making the motion with my hips to keep a little was pretty darn difficult to. I might as well of been standing still!
I tried it a couple of times yesterday and I thought there was just no way I'm going to keep that little bump on my hips. I woke up this morning and I felt like I got hit by a truck. I think that is attributed to all the moving, shaking and attempted twirling of my hips to try to keep the hula hoop on me and not the ground.

Today was a little better with the hula hoop. I decided I'm going to twirl it on my hips 10 times each time is an attempt to keep it on my hips before it hits the ground.. Those 10 times be a workout session, but they don't last very long. Even after doing that I'm pretty out of breath.
This weekend my husband is working, so I will be cleaning out one of the spare bedrooms. I still have quite a bit of my moms stuff in the spare bedroom, lots of her paperwork and her photo albums. I want to go through them and throw out what I don't need and organize the rest. I might need a scanner to scan the photos and but I don't know about that. Maybe.

Hope you have a great weekend too!


Fast Forward To April

Lay off equals too much time on my hands. But, it is all good. I have been very busy with eBay (sales are steady) and I am still working on mom’s estate. With any luck at all it should all be over this month.

Her house will be in my name, which hopefully means no more lawyer fees. Honestly, they have been quite expensive!

I am still in grief counseling. That has been quite the roller coaster ride of emotions. For now, things are pretty good.

At the end of May, we are taking their cremains to Wisconsin for their final resting place. Quite the entourage is going, 6 family members and her pastor is going to preside over the service. She provided funds for this, so it is not a financial burden.

Financially, we are doing okay even with the loss of my ultrasound job. In fact, my husband said he likes me at home and that I don’t have to go back to work. Wouldn’t that be nice??

We are still living debt free. I never though I would ever be able to say that. But thank God, we are.

When and if I do go back to work, I don’t think it will be back in the ultrasound field. In fact, I donated all my scrubs. What does that tell you?

My time and energy has been dedicated to fostering dogs from our local animal shelter. I have just completed my application to volunteer officially at the shelter and hope to start that soon. In October, they are planning to have a position open for a rescue coordinator and I will apply for that.

We will have to wait and see what God has planned for me.

Drama on the family front has been minimal at best. Such a blessing. My oldest is still renting ( operating costs) my mom’s house from me. He really seems settled in there. You know, if it keeps him balanced and out of jail, it is worth it and I know my mom and dad would approve.

My middle son is working hard as a project manager for his electrical company. He has so much stress but he seems to handle it well. Even though we live in the same county we are only able to see him about once a month.

My daughter is just about done with her Nurse Practitioner degree. She graduates in May!! There is a chance she may move after she graduates, and if she does, we may move with her to be close to those grandbabies!


A few thoughts on wordpress:  I miss blogger.  Why?  I miss my blogroll that would show updates and I could then check in on everyone.  I may in fact start another blogger blog.  It was just so much easier to keep up with everyone.  I will let you know.



caleb and cora

The grandkids are doing great. They are my joy!

Turning Down Time in to Money

Almost two weeks ago I was laid off. Luckily we are on a better place financially and the layoff was not devastating to or already lean budget.

Since my post ( almost two weeks ago) I have been working hard at building my eBay business. To tell you the truth, I have had a ball! I love thrifting and searching for “treasures”. And I like taking pictures and listing the items. I am really happy to pack it up and ship out the items that have sold!!

This is where I list items. I share it with the dogs :-)

One of my goals for 2014 was to build my eBay sales to $3000.00 gross per month. As of today, I am half way there. Will I meet my goal of $3000.00 by the end of the month? I am sure going to try!

This bag of packages is going to the post office today!

Things happen for a reason and I am going with that! Will I go back to ultrasound? I don't know. Right now I am pretty content where I am.




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