Will they survive?

The Christmas cactus, that is.


I have a Christmas cactus that was given to me about 5 years ago via a secret Santa event at work. This plant is the most resilient plant in my home. It has survived no matter how much I neglected it. I am not the best plant caregiver.



It has been my goal to get the cactus replanted into a bigger and better pot. I have been waiting to find a couple of nice clay pots at a thrift store or garage sale.



Last weekend, I found four pots ( only three in this picture) for $1.00. Such a deal!!




The original Christmas cactus was root bound. I separated it into pieces hoping like heck that all the pieces will survive the transition. Fresh pitting soil was added to each pot and the pieces of cacti were planted and watered.


Will they survive?? Oh, I hope so!! I love the flowers that these plants produce.


It has been a week since the re-homing of the cacti. The plants pretty much still look the same. Fingers crossed!



Another Home Improvement Project

We have been working on our punch list of home improvements. The latest project is the replacing the windows in our home with new and more energy efficient windows.

The windows were original to the house and they did nothing to help our energy bill.

These new windows are suppose to be very energy efficient. As soon as they were installed we could tell the difference. Our house sets with the front facing the east and the back facing the west. There are some shade trees, but they only helped a little bit.

What is the next project? Replace the central AC. We are hoping this one makes it through this summer. Fingers crossed :-)


Now What?

Now that all the momma drama is over, that is a question I ask myself almost daily. “Now what?”


Here is what I am doing for now. I am enjoying each day as it comes. The stress of taking care of mom and dad, and the the drama that followed with settling their estate pretty much took the wind out of my sails.


Now, I am learning how to be good to myself. Do things I want to do when I want to do them. That is a hard concept for me, as I am use to taking care of everyone else. Last week, my daughter and I had a “couples” massage. We got our Zen on..


I work diligently on my eBay business. This challenges me and makes me happy. It is work, but when you tell people what you do, they will say ” So, when are you going back to work?” Listing, researching, cleaning, and packing is “work”. That's okay. I can see why they don't get it.

I volunteer at the local animal shelter on a weekly basis. The dogs and I go walking or I help another volunteer photograph the dogs for the shelter's website.


So for now, life is pretty good. I am happy. Each day is a gift.


Back from Wisconsin



My journey to Wisconsin to bring my parents cremains to their final resting place is done. It was a complicated trip that required coordinating schedules for seven individuals.


All I can say is now I do have peace. All that had happened with mom's estate is water under the bridge. Acceptance of things I cannot change is empowering.


Now to get back to our new normal. A welcome change indeed.


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