Saturday Morning 2/7/2015

The sun is shining but the temps are still a little cool for this Florida girl. It's a crisp 46 degrees right now but should get up into the 60's later on today.

We finished all the yard work yesterday afternoon. With the two of us, it usually take about two hours to get the mowing and edging completed. If just one of us,you can double that time.

So far this week, I have applied to renew my passport and my husband has applied for his first passport. This was on our to-do list since last year. It will make planning travel abroad easier. There are a few places we would like to see in the next few years.


I also scheduled my appointment for my first colonoscopy consult. My primary has been on me about this for the last 3-4 years to get this done. At first I put it off because I just did not want to do it. Then my parents became sick and I put it on the back burner for about three years.

I also was finally able to fax my parents death certificates to the Veteran's Administration. This is probably and hopefully the last thng I have to do regarding my parents estate. With those documents, their headstone will have the proper veteran's marker applied to it. And any medals they have earned, I will receive those as well.

I am happy to report we have only eaten out once this week! I will update my ” Great Food Fight” this Sunday.

Have a great Saturday!




Marked Down Meat Purchase

I had my grocery list of 6 items today when I went to the store. How did that go, you ask?

Oohhhh…..Well, Winn Dixie had some of their selections of meat significantly marked down. I tell ya,if it has a red tag or clearance sticker on it, I will buy it.

Here is what I bought:


Original Price: $36.21

Sale Price: $18.04

Savings: $18.17 or 49.8%


Total Spent at Winn Dixie : $47.00


Next stop was Publix. I had to get milk and tater tots. They had Bogo's that I could not live with out.

Oscar Mayer hot dogs (4 packs)

English muffins (4 packs)

Hot dog buns ( two packs)

Add in Milk and Bread too.

The plus side is that I can plan ahead for meals.


Total spent at a Publix: $36.00


  • Do you purchase marked down meat?





Menu Planning Monday 2-2-15


Looking through the pantry and freezer, I have managed to come up with a menu plan for next week. I have most everything on hand except for tater tots and sweet potatoes.


Writing this down definitely helps with keeps me focused on using what I have on hand AND keeping a list of what I will need from the store. Note to self, keep list on your phone. My phone is always with me. No excuses.


  • Monday: Grilled Chicken Breasts with Romaine salad.
  • Tuesday: Frozen Breaded Fish,Mac and cheese and frozen peas.
  • Wednesday: Tater-Tot Casserole ( easy and grandkids like it.)
  • Thursday: Grits and Eggs
  • Friday: Beer and Pizza (eating out)
  • Saturday: Grilled chicken, grilled vegetables and brown rice
  • Sunday: Grilled Pork Chops, Baked Sweet Potatoes and steamed broccoli.


Will it work? Fingers crossed. Can I stick to this menu plan? I think so.

  • Do you plan your food menus?
  • Any tips for saving money at the grocery store?


Linked to” I am an organizing junkie”


Let’s Recap January. Hurry Up February.

Great Food Fight:

I had good intentions to do so much better with my budgeting. I was going to keep track of my grocery spending and are eating out spending. I kept track for about three days. I made excuses why I couldn't keep track but mostly it was because we are eating out almost every day and I was a wee bit ashamed of that.

Okay, maybe I only kept track for two days. You can see I use the rest of the page for note taking.


Here's to doing better with The Great Food Fight in February. I'm going to use a different color paper because yellow is not really my favorite color. I have some pretty pink paper but I'm going to use so maybe I will at least somewhat enjoy writing down the totals. :-)


Noel Update:


My foster dog Noel, is slowly coming out of her shell. She doesn't always hide in her crate or in the corners of the house but she sometimes likes to steal Princess's bed. I think she would rather just sleep with Princess but Princess doesn't like to be crowded so she lets Noel have the bed.


2015 Goals Update:


Easy enough. I didn't really make any goals financial or otherwise for this year. I think I'm just going to wing it and see how it goes. In the past, when I have set goals financial or otherwise I get very flustered or frustrated when I don't even come close to them. So am I setting them with too high expectations? Maybe.


Or maybe I need to face the reality of my financial situation. I'm not employed outside the home but I do sell on eBay. eBay has been much slower than it was this time last year. In fact, I am looking for part-time work outside of the home to supplement my income.


I took last year off and pretty much just stayed home and sold on eBay. I needed time to emotionally heal after the passing of my mom and dad. But now I think I'm ready to get out into the world a little bit and engage so I'm hoping I can find a job that meets my expectations.


There are some things I do need to focus on. Revamping our budget and then trying to stick to it. Maybe for February I will focus on that and get a grip on the budget, at least the monthly bills.


Bucket List Trip 2015:


Since we saw how my parents did not follow their dreams and travel and do things when they were able, my husband and I have decided to take trips and go and see things while we physically can.

Our next trip is ……


This is definitely a budget buster (paid for already) but you don't know how much time you have left in this world. And when you see the death of your parents and you experience that, it makes you focus so much more on your own mortality. That does sound a little grim doesn't it? But that's how I feel now. I feel like I have to go and see things and visit different places and take big trips and little trips.


It's a strange feeling but it' as if I don't feel complete on the inside. That could be due to my parents passing, or me trying to fill a void because they passed, or maybe that is just how I will feel for the rest of my days.


  • What is on your bucket list for travel?






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