Another Home Improvement Project

We have been working on our punch list of home improvements. The latest project is the replacing the windows in our home with new and more energy efficient windows.

The windows were original to the house and they did nothing to help our energy bill.

These new windows are suppose to be very energy efficient. As soon as they were installed we could tell the difference. Our house sets with the front facing the east and the back facing the west. There are some shade trees, but they only helped a little bit.

What is the next project? Replace the central AC. We are hoping this one makes it through this summer. Fingers crossed :-)


Now What?

Now that all the momma drama is over, that is a question I ask myself almost daily. “Now what?”


Here is what I am doing for now. I am enjoying each day as it comes. The stress of taking care of mom and dad, and the the drama that followed with settling their estate pretty much took the wind out of my sails.


Now, I am learning how to be good to myself. Do things I want to do when I want to do them. That is a hard concept for me, as I am use to taking care of everyone else. Last week, my daughter and I had a “couples” massage. We got our Zen on..


I work diligently on my eBay business. This challenges me and makes me happy. It is work, but when you tell people what you do, they will say ” So, when are you going back to work?” Listing, researching, cleaning, and packing is “work”. That's okay. I can see why they don't get it.

I volunteer at the local animal shelter on a weekly basis. The dogs and I go walking or I help another volunteer photograph the dogs for the shelter's website.


So for now, life is pretty good. I am happy. Each day is a gift.


Back from Wisconsin



My journey to Wisconsin to bring my parents cremains to their final resting place is done. It was a complicated trip that required coordinating schedules for seven individuals.


All I can say is now I do have peace. All that had happened with mom's estate is water under the bridge. Acceptance of things I cannot change is empowering.


Now to get back to our new normal. A welcome change indeed.


I closed my eBay store

Temporarily, that is. I decided to put Happy Girl Thrift on vacation for the next few days. Like most things lately, it was starting to overwhelm me. Usually that is not the case, eBay has been keeping me focused and sane. Time for a break from it. Don't get me wrong, I will still hit up the thrift stores and do a bit of shopping, cause that part is still fun!



My list of things to do is getting shorter. A few of the things I have accomplished in the last couple of weeks are:


1. Establishing a living trust, power of attorney and will for both me and my husband. This was something that needed to be done years ago. Through our financial planner, a lawyer was recommended to put together the packet. We go next Monday for the final meeting.


2. Pay the homeowners insurance for the year on two of the houses. Also, since my mom's house is FINALLY in my name I was able to dump her high priced homeowners insurance (2700.00 per year) and secure a more reasonable policy for $1300.00 per year.


3. Most of the decisions about my parents memorial service have been made and are paid for including the purchase of her urn through BJ's warehouse online. It was extremely reasonable. The one we purchased for my dad at the funeral home was double the price. Crazy mark up!!


4. We have been in the process of securing a home equity loan on our primary home. Why? Several reasons and some of them are good and some may seem selfish. With three homes in our possession we wanted a back up fund to our savings for any major mishaps. Drain fields and septic tanks are expensive and could take a big bite out of our savings.


We may buy another home to add to our rentals. We would pay cash ( home equity loan). We are looking at homes beachside. Our plan is to make it a monthly rental. This is in the dream stage.


We also need vehicles. We both drive 14 year old cars with 200,000 miles each. My husband wants a brand-new pickup truck, I would be happy with the new used vehicle. But we'll see what happens. We do need to look into getting new cars, or new used cars or trucks but hopefully we can take our time to make good financial decisions about that.



Another item on our want list, or maybe it's my want list, is a swimming pool. I think we are staying were going to be for the next few years and adding a swimming pool although it's a huge financial investment, I think we will reap the benefits and pleasure out of having one in the backyard. The summer heat has started now, it is extremely hot and just knowing that I could flop in the pool and cool off and enjoy the pool with my husband and my grandkids is making this idea something that were seriously going to consider.


As you can see, there are a lot of ideas still floating around in my brain. I think sometimes all those ideas, wants, and needs or distractions that are floating around my brain out now because in a few weeks we have to go back to Wisconsin for my parents memorial service.


I think everything about the memorial is pretty much lined up and under control. People of been paid that need to be paid. Reservations have been made, in fact we changed the reservation to come back a couple days earlier. I think we just need to be home for have a whole week off and enjoy our time here as opposed to up there.




This week has been a time for me to reconnect with old friends. Yesterday I had lunch with one of my oldest and dearest friends. We've been friends for 44 years. She was my next-door neighbor when my family moved into our home in Orlando in 1970 and we grew up together. She still a very important part of my life and we reconnect and pick up where we left off and then sometimes we don't talk to each other for months but that's okay too. We both have busy lives.


Today I'm having lunch with one of my friends that I've known for the last 25 years. We became acquainted and friends when my daughter started pre-K at the local elementary school, and I started working there to teacher assistant. I also worked the afterschool program, it's called extended day. And Joyce was my boss. But we've had some great times over the years we love to laugh a lot, but were there for each other in times of sorrow and happiness.

Tomorrow I will be walking with one of my newer acquaintances and friends, and after Walking we are going to enjoy breakfast downtown at one of the small mom-and-pop restaurants. My friend Michelle was actually a student of mine when she was in the ultrasound program and I was working at an outpatient imaging center. We didn't quite hit it off then, because I was kind of a bitch. But I think it was just the pressures of work and it was before I had my hysterectomy and PMS for me was almost a month long.

I wanted to mend that relationship, because she really is a nice lady. And I'm enjoying where this friendship is going. So my goal lately if you haven't noticed is to get out more,socialize, and stop sitting in the house having major pity parties.

Hope your day is wonderful!



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