In Case You Were Wondering….

The low carb diet did not agree with us. We were diligent for four weeks on the diet. But in those four weeks my husband passed out three times at work. He ended up in the ER, luckily he works in the hospital so it wasn’t a long trip for him. They did all sorts of tests and they could not determine what caused him to pass out.


His blood pressure is out-of-control most likely due to the increased sodium in his diet. It is much better. Is that we went back to eating carbs.


My blood pressure was elevated on a few days, but it was not high enough for medical treatment. So there you go, we are officially low carb diet failures.

We have continued to drink sugar free soda and limit our carb intake. We do eat sweets again that’s not always a good thing but, it is what it is.

When we get back from our trip to Alaska which will be around mid June then we will pursue a better way of eating. We’ve had luck with Weight Watchers so I think we will hop on that bandwagon and just stick to that.

Now I have a surplus of low-sodium Vlasic pickles. Those were my go to snack when I was eating low carb. I think I have eight jars left.


Monday Stuff and a Weigh-In

Starting week three of our low carb eating and we both are on the losing side of the scale. My husband has lost 5 lbs and I am down 7 pounds.

Last week there was not a significant loss as I pretty much weighed the same. But, that is 7 less pounds I have to worry about so I will take it. Needless to say, I realize it took some time putting the weight on, so I will have to just be patient as it comes off.

My first goal is to lose 10% of my beginning weight. That would be approximately 25 lbs, so I only have 18 more pounds to go to reach that goal. I need to drink more water and stay better hydrated. I also added a probiotic to keep my gut healthy.

On today's list of things to do is to go get a new bathing suit. Our family is going to the beach for Mother's Day weekend ( which I am really looking forward to) and my other suits are just too small. I will start at Wal-Mart and see what I can find. Bathing suit shopping is one of my least favorite things to do, but I just have to suck it up.

I have been job hunting again. My resume is updated and I have been applying to part time ultrasound jobs and to jobs in the local schools. I like the hours of a school job and would be happy with the job as a teacher assistant. I volunteer in my grandson's school and walking into the building makes me so happy. I do hope that something comes along in that regard.

Having been put of the work force for over a year, I feel I am ready to get back into the daily grind. Emotionally, I feel so much better after my parents deaths. Looking back, I really was very angry at them but now, I have much more peace. Grief is definitely a process.


I need to get back into the eBay mode at least until something else comes along. There are a couple of mini trips I want to take this summer after we get back from the Alaska Cruise. I want to go back to Wisconsin to see Aunts and Uncles that are not getting any younger. And I want to go and visit my parents grave (which is in Wisconsin). I need to go just for final closure.

I have a cousin ( she is brilliantly eccentric ) that lives on the Vermont- New Hampshire border. She has invited me to come and stay with her for a visit. I have never been to that area do the country and if I don't go now, I may never get the opportunity to go again, especially if I am working. This particular cousin was CEO/CFO of in the early 2000's. She has done so much in her life, a truly fascinating individual.


Time to get the day started! Happy Monday and May the Fourth be with you!


Busy Around The House


Princess has been supervising me while I have been pulling weeds. It's a great day weather wise, a beautiful 79 degrees with very low humidity.



I passed by Lowes this morning after church to pick up liquid weed killer, then I saw that they had a rack of spring bulbs marked 1/2 price. I love caladiums, they are low maintence, will multiply and grow great in the shade. They also add beautiful accent colors.


Four bags of caladiums and two bags of canna lillies came home with me. I have not had much luck with Canna lillies in the past, but for the price I thought I would try it again.


Yesterday was a busy day too. First thing in the morning it was off to Belk to participate in their bi- annual Charity day sale.

They allow charities to sell these $5.00 coupons and they provide entrance into their private sale 6-10AM. ( they let you in even if you don't have a ticket) When the customer uses this coupon,they are given $5.00 off their order at time of purchase and the charities get to keep 100% of the $5.00 of each ticket sold.


At the end of the sale, the value of the total amount of tickets used at the store is divided amongst all the charities that participated at the store. Win, win for everyone. We are always looking for ways to raise money for LEASH Inc.


Since January, we have accomplished quite a bit! We have treated 15 shelter dogs for heartworms. This makes the dogs more adoptable and easier for them to find a home. We are currently working on raising funds for another 15 dogs to recieve treatment.


Time to get back to the yard work!





Low Carb Eating




My husband and I have recently decided to embark on a low carb eating way of life. The numbers on the scale are too high and my knee pain is at an all time high.


Thankfully, neither my husband or myself have to take any medications for high blood pressure, diabetes, or anything like that. We are both overweight. I am more overweight than he is, but if he was as short as me, he would be in the same boat as me.


We have been on this diet for 11 days. The first week was somewhat challenging. Giving up sugar and carbs triggered some uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. Headaches,general malaise and small doubts that this was ever a good idea.


Going into the second week, the withdrawal symptoms have all but disappeared. In fact, I have no more sugar/carb cravings. And that constant feeling of always being hungry has all but disappeared.


We are taking this eating change one day at a time. Of course we would like to be instantly back at a normal weight, but it took time to get to this point and we understand that it may take just as long to reach our goal.

No more of these!!!



  • What are your weight loss tips?
  • Have you had success with low carb dieting?


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