Bathroom Remodel Project Begins (or how to spend $1500.00 at Lowes)

Among other things we did weekend, we spent a lot of time and money at Lowe’s and Home Depot. Back when my mom was diagnosed with brain cancer and was in the hospital, it was decided that we would move my parents out to out home and take care of them. Well, a lot has changed. My mom has recovered to the point that my parents will not yet be moving in with us.  At least for now. 

Before her recovery, we all agreed that we needed to update our primary bathroom for my parents and put in a shower and remove the tub. Well, we have removed EVERYTHING out of the bathroom and now we are moving forward on the renovation.

Sidenote: Just found out we still have to chip up the tile on the floor.  

The bathroom….. or the room with great potential

Shopping for new the new stuff was fairly easy.  We went with the same tile that we put in our other bathroom at the rental.  T

new toilet
new tile

light fixture

After picking up all the items for the bathroom re-model we went ahead and picked up a new water heater too.  The water heater in the house is the original one, (19 years old) and we would rather be safe than sorry.   Not shown is the water heater timer my husband is also installing.  This way, you can set the time for the times you will actually need hot water and this will save on electrical costs.  Oh…. and we picked up a ” insulating blanket” for the water heater too.  The blanket is suppose to help with saving energy too.

new water heater

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  • debby

    Congrats on the new job and the gonna be new bathroom!!! I know you must be excited over both of your upcoming adventures

  • Joe

    Looks like fun, not! It looks like a lot of work, but it will be worth it. :)

  • Jane Harrison

    And you got ALL OF THAT for only $1500?? You did awesome!! How wonderful that your DH is so handy!

  • YourFinancesSimplified

    I can’t wait to see the finished product! I’m jealous you got so much for 1500 dollars

  • UltimateSmartMoney

    I’m sure your newly remodeled bathroom will look stunning! I can’t believe you are only spending $1500. I know someone why spent $10000 on their bathroom remodel.

  • Andrea @ SoOverDebt

    I remodeled my entire house before I moved in (bought it from the original owners who built it in the 50s!) and my bathroom was horrible. I had a blue toilet, blue bathtub, and blue sink. Mauve walls with maroon trim. Ugly peel and stick linoleum tiles. It was awful!!! It felt so great to get rid of it all and my bathroom is still one of my favorite rooms in the house.

    I’ll agree with everyone who said $1500 was a great deal for everything you got!

  • CentsToSave

    You know Andrea, there are those vintage geeks out there that would have loved to get their hands on the blue toilet, tub and sink! The 1500.00 does not include water heater. :( But that was a necessity.

  • CentsToSave

    Wow! That is a huge chunk of change! We do all the labor so we save big bucks on the job. Okay…. we do hire out for the tile work, but that is done in trade for work he needs.

  • CentsToSave

    I can’t wait to see it either!!! I am hoping it will get started soon!! The big box stores were competing in prices so we were able to save extra with our purchases. It helps that they are right across the street from each other !

  • CentsToSave

    Yes indeed! I am blessed to have a handy husband! We had a price war of sorts between the big box stores so we were able to benefit from that :)

  • CentsToSave

    Definitely a lot of work!!! But it will be worth it. :)

  • CentsToSave

    Excited and nervous!!