Five Things Friday

Happy Friday! Following Carla’s lead I am going to organize my Friday by listing the five most important things to do today.

1. Our renters are having problems with the dishwasher that is in the house. It had a warranty on it, I need to follow up and get it looked at. First I have to call the warranty company because I still can’t find the policy.

2. Call the groomer and get an appointment to get the dogs bathed and clipped( especially their nails)

3. Pack four items this evening to ship tomorrow. eBay has been pretty steady lately, I am happy about that.

4. Balance checkbook. Really behind on this… It had been a long week and I have not had time to do it.

5. Take some time this evening and relax. Really looking forward to sitting on the porch with hubs and have a glass of wine ( or two) and reconnect.

I am off to find the phone number of the warranty company! Wish me luck!

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  • ~Carla~

    Good idea, Lisa!! :) You’ll achieve your list I’m sure!!

  • Thomas S. Moore

    Renters can be a hassle hopefully the warranty covers it. My poor little pup gets groomed by me. At 5 she is still very playful but this saves us money and we get tired of the weird looks when we say shes a pitbull.

  • Gillian Money After Graduation

    Ugh dealing with warranties and broken appliances is such a headache! Hope it all works out! :)

  • Sharon

    I like no. 5 the best! Have a glass for me too!

  • femmefrugality

    That is so awesome about eBay! Hope the dishwasher thing gets worked out soon! (And easily!)

  • Jane Harrison

    Now it’s Sunday – did you get everything done? Especially the reconnecting part? I’m glad that eBAy is going well for you!!

  • CentsToSave

    Hi Jane!! Only 3 out of 5 things accomplished! Reconnecting with hubs was the best one :)
    Glad to see you!

  • CentsToSave

    Dishwasher issue resolved! eBay has been a blessing. It is work, but I do enjoy it!

  • CentsToSave

    Thanks Sharon! We had a great time!

  • CentsToSave

    Hi Gillian,
    The repair company is scheduled to come out Monday. Will keep you posted!

  • CentsToSave

    Pitbulls do have a bad rep!! I bet yours is a real sweetie :) Warranty covers the dishwasher… but we will see what happens when they come out.