A Cut In Hours

This week I was told by my manager ( also the owner of the company) that all part time employees will be taking a cut in hours. It turns put we all lost a day off of our normal schedules. I am down to two days a week. That is hardly part time, it is almost no time lol.


Time once again to be more diligent with the budget. We sat down this week at our budget meeting to go over the new numbers. I have to say it is a great feeling to be on the same page financially with my husband. For too long, I took care of the money and as time went on, I felt it was becoming a burden. There was no balance in the financial area of our life. Now there is. I have “Financial Peace University” to thank for this.

In the past when I was keeping track of our groceries and eating out with the “Great Food Fight of 2013” I had a feeling of accomplishment. I didn't do it every month and the numbers reflect that.

What to do about the cut in hours? Oh, I don't know just yet. What I do know is that I will probably wait til the first of the year to start putting resumes out. Full time hours?? Probably not. I am happy with my part time hours. I am hoping to pick up an extra day each week to replace the one I lost.


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  • livingrichonthecheap

    I am sorry about your cut in hours but glad to hear that your probate issue is now over.

    • CentsToSave

      Thanks. Hoping to get the letters of representation this week.

  • Live and Learn

    If it’s not one thing, it’s another. Maybe you’ll find a job you like even better. Good luck with your search. In the meantime, enjoy the holidays.

    • CentsToSave

      No rush to find another job until after the holidays. The extra day off will come in handy, I still have boxes to unpack from the move two years ago. And I will definitely enjoy the holidays…. :)

  • http://www.lifebeginsatretirement.blogspot.com/ Jane Harrison

    Glad hubby is finally on-board. It’s still all one sided at my house :( We’re losing some days pay this year – a couple of our PD days are unpaid thanks to our latest contract so our union has said we DO NOT report to work on unpaid days. No kidding. I don’t work for free!

    • CentsToSave

      I read that you were losing days on Sharon’s blog. That blows!

  • Denise @ My house, My Rules

    Maybe you can use the extra time each week to ramp up your eBay business again? You seemed to always enjoy doing that and this would give you one day a week to truly devote to it so it won’t get overwhelming.