Food Waste Friday: Vegetable Melee

All the pretty colors…..

Of vegetables gone bad.

The orange pepper is probably in the worse shape. Gooey and slimy…yuck.

The red pepper is soft and wrinkly and look at the onion. It has a fuzzy growth there on its side.


This is what happens when the Thanksgiving leftovers are shoved into any available space in the fridge. Things are hidden and neglected.

Check out Frugal Girl for more interesting Food Waste stories :-)


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  • Tanner

    I feel for the peppers. If I don’t use it within 3 days, chances are I never will. I hate throwing away a color pepper (everything but the green ones–I don’t care much for the green ones).

    • Lisa Richardson

      I don’t eat peppers but my husband does on his salads. During Thanksgiving week we did not eat one salad.

  • Live and Learn

    Your right. What a pretty array of colors. Oh, well. Better luck next time.

    • CentsToSave

      Yes there is always next time. :)

  • Jane Harrison

    My mom used to always save leftover veg from a meal in a little container and wait til they got moldy and then she felt she could throw them out without any guilt.

    • CentsToSave

      I like your mom’s way of thinking Jane.