Probate Outcome


Driving to the Orange County Courthouse

Yesterday was the big day for the probate hearing regarding mom's estate. As you can see it was a beautiful day out. Since I live almost 45 min away I left extra early in case there was a delay with rush hour traffic.

Walking in from parking garage
Consequently I arrived an hour early for the hearing. I would definitely rather be early than late. So I did not mind waiting. When I walked in the courthouse I had to go through the maze of security. In preparation, I did not bother bringing my everyday purse which is loaded with God know what, but I took a different purse and just through my wallet in there.
My last trip to courthouse for jury duty, security took my tape measure and my mini screwdriver kit. Just a few things I always keep on hand. You never know when you need to fix or measure something.


Elevator bank keypad

The new elevator system was new for me. When you walked into the hall with the bank of elevators there was only this digital keypad to select your floor. Once you pushed the floor you wanted to go to, the next screen would direct you to which elevator to enter. For instance, I had to go to the 20th floor,and it directed me to elevator number 2.

After entering with other passengers, the door closed by itself and off you go to your floor of choice. There are no buttons to push. This particular elevator stopped at floor 16 and 20.

My lawyer said that this new system has sped up the elevator process. It alleviates the elevators stopping at every floor. The proces was the same for when going back down to the first floor.


Door of probate hearing


Probate was interesting. Our appt time was 10:30 and we were promptly called in by the bailiff. It was a small intimate setting, the judge,his secretary,the bailiff,two lawyers and myself. My lawyer called my mom's lawyer to testify as well.


Before we went in, my lawyer talked to me about on what she would ask me. It seems she had typed out questions for me to review but her paralegal did not put them in her paperwork. The questions were pretty cut and dry. My name, relationship to the deceased, why did I have will in my possession, when did I realize that I did NOT have the original in my possession, and when did I think the will became lost.


My mom,s lawyer answered all the questions as did I. The judge was satisfied the will or copy of will was accepted. Great! Then my lawyer had a flurry of paperwork for the judge to sign and we were out of there. We went done to the clerk of the court to officially make me the personal representative of my mom's estate.


After my lawyer handed over all the papers, the clerk told her that there were no signed letters of personal representation in the packet. My lawyer's paralegal forgot those too! My lawyer was visibly embarrassed and pissed. She told me that it should be no problem to get the judge to sign the them and that they would get them to me in a couple of days.


That is fine. This whole process has been one event after another. Waiting a little while longer won't kill me. But I sure would like to be a fly on the wall when she talks to her paralegal about all this.:-)


Ala in all, it went as well as could be expected.




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  • Sluggy

    Glad for a smooth and drama-free outcome!

    • Lisa Richardson

      Thanks Sluggy!

  • Live and Learn

    One more step (almost) finished. I’m glad it went routinely.

    • Lisa Richardson

      It was a good day!