Tree Is Up and Updates

The Christmas Tree went up the day after Thanksgiving. We went to KMart on Black Friday and picked it up for half price. The tree we had last year, the lights eventually went dead. That is what happens when you use your Christmans tree for a night light for about 3 months.


This is our third year with a white artificial tree. I really like it.


This weekend, my husband and I went to my mom's house ( currently renting to my son) to pick up some of her Christmas stuff. The is a manger scene that I had put together with the the of Woolworths that I wanted to display at my house.


Since we had my daughter's truck we decided to go through all of the remaining boxes of my mom's stuff. Initially, I thought I neded to keep some if not most of her things. My way of hanging on I guess. But, it has been six months since she passed and I know feel differently. All of the boxes of the Early American Prescut ( there were two truck loads) were sent to Goodwill.


Then I went through the remaining bags of clothes and other household items that were in her garage and went to the Goodwill too. All in all, almost four truckloads of stuff went to Goodwill. It was bittersweet, but I feel like a weight has been lifted. I did save her Christmas stuff and what I don't want I am letting the kids pick out what they want.


Sunday marked a year since my dad passed. We did not do anything special, although I thought I might. The day was more for reflection than anything else. Plus, dad was not the type for any attention when he was living. In fact, one of his last wishes was that he be buried in Wisconsin without ceremony or anyone there. He stated he wanted to leave this world like he entered it, “alone!”


Tomorrow is probate court. I have no idea what to expect and even after asking the paralegal, I still have no idea. Curiously enough, the judge presiding is the same judge who presided over the Casey Anthony case. The honorable Belvin a Perry. The paralegal did say dress appropriately ( not in beach wear) duh…. And remove all sharp items from your purse.


I hope after tomorrow we can move forward regarding mom's estate. But, I won't count my chickens before they hatch.


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  • Sluggy

    We’ve had a white fake tree for a few years now. 70% off after Xmas at K-Mart model. lol
    The 2nd year the lights started going so we just cut them off and string our own on. Not worth throwing out a perfectly good tree otherwise. 8-)
    Some glass collector is going to be very happy if they go to your Goodwill. At least know that your mom’s “treasures” you sent there will be loved by someone.
    And good luck with probate court. I have no clue what that is like but maybe you’ll be able to put that all behind you after Friday.

    • CentsToSave

      Thanks Sluggy. Yep, I will have to stay out of the Goodwill’s for a while. I don’t want to see any of mom’s stuff :) I am hoping to make this tree last longer by NOT using as a night light or leaving it on 24/7.

  • CarlaPeicheff

    Such a pretty tree, Lisa! The white ones are just lovely!! I’m not so big on the pink or purple, but the white ones look great I think!! :)

    • CentsToSave

      Thanks Carla! We like the white trees too. Your tree and home are beautifully decorated too!

  • Live and Learn

    I’m glad you were able to part with most of your mom’s stuff. Sorting through that much stuff even if there’s no emotional attachment is hard.

    • CentsToSave

      Stuff is the right word. That is all it was, was stuff. Glad that part is over. :)

  • Lena

    I hope tomorrow goes well for you!

  • Jane Harrison

    I hung onto a lot of my mom’s stuff too, but have divested myself of most of it over the years. I’ve hung onto the things that mean the most which isn’t much. Good luck at court, I know probate can sometimes be a long and drawn out affair.

    • CentsToSave

      Thanks Jane. Initially you want to keep EVERYTHING when a parent passes, but that is just not possible. Time makes it easier to let most of it go.