Fast Forward To April

Lay off equals too much time on my hands. But, it is all good. I have been very busy with eBay (sales are steady) and I am still working on mom’s estate. With any luck at all it should all be over this month.

Her house will be in my name, which hopefully means no more lawyer fees. Honestly, they have been quite expensive!

I am still in grief counseling. That has been quite the roller coaster ride of emotions. For now, things are pretty good.

At the end of May, we are taking their cremains to Wisconsin for their final resting place. Quite the entourage is going, 6 family members and her pastor is going to preside over the service. She provided funds for this, so it is not a financial burden.

Financially, we are doing okay even with the loss of my ultrasound job. In fact, my husband said he likes me at home and that I don’t have to go back to work. Wouldn’t that be nice??

We are still living debt free. I never though I would ever be able to say that. But thank God, we are.

When and if I do go back to work, I don’t think it will be back in the ultrasound field. In fact, I donated all my scrubs. What does that tell you?

My time and energy has been dedicated to fostering dogs from our local animal shelter. I have just completed my application to volunteer officially at the shelter and hope to start that soon. In October, they are planning to have a position open for a rescue coordinator and I will apply for that.

We will have to wait and see what God has planned for me.

Drama on the family front has been minimal at best. Such a blessing. My oldest is still renting ( operating costs) my mom’s house from me. He really seems settled in there. You know, if it keeps him balanced and out of jail, it is worth it and I know my mom and dad would approve.

My middle son is working hard as a project manager for his electrical company. He has so much stress but he seems to handle it well. Even though we live in the same county we are only able to see him about once a month.

My daughter is just about done with her Nurse Practitioner degree. She graduates in May!! There is a chance she may move after she graduates, and if she does, we may move with her to be close to those grandbabies!


A few thoughts on wordpress:  I miss blogger.  Why?  I miss my blogroll that would show updates and I could then check in on everyone.  I may in fact start another blogger blog.  It was just so much easier to keep up with everyone.  I will let you know.



caleb and cora

The grandkids are doing great. They are my joy!

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  • Live and Learn

    Thanks for updating us. I am glad that things continue to move forward and in a positive direction.

    • CentsToSave

      Grief and depression have a life of their own. Time to move forward. :)

  • Tanner

    Glad to hear from you! Happy to hear things are finally settling down in a positive note. Good luck with the months ahead, whether you get that job at the shelter or not. The babies are very cute!

    • CentsToSave

      Hi Tanner! I hope all is well with you too! It is good to be back!

  • Sharon

    So glad to you are doing well! Yes, I miss blogger too. I actually go to another blogger blog and look at the updates there. I wonder if I can do that with WordPress?

    • CentsToSave

      Sharon I do the same thing! I will usually visit Sluggy or Clamco to check out their blogroll. WordPress has a pretty format, but I sure miss the blogroll of Blogger!