Friday Update

Ha! I over drafted my checking. Sigh… I had the money on savings but forgot to send it over. Not a problem now as BOA already moved the money to cover the check. For a fee.


We had the grandkids over yesterday for an afternoon in the plastic pool. 80 degree weather this week, so we are making the best of it, before it gets too hot to be outside.

Today is yard work and house cleaning. Mowing is done, and I am finishing up the floors in the house. Here I blog while they dry.
I decided to go back to Weight Watcher this week. Man, I have got to do something!! The weight has piled on due to my inactivity and eating whatever I want. Today is the first day for both me and my husband of eating better and smarter.
During the discussions at the Weight Watchers meeting they were talking about activity and what are you doing to keep moving. The leader brought up the subject of a weighted hula hoop for exercise and toning. I thought, I have got to try that!.
After the meeting I went to Walmart, and went back to the sports equipment section and found a weighted hula hoop. I have to say, I tried that sucker yesterday and I couldn't keep it up on my hips for the life of me. And I might add, that making the motion with my hips to keep a little was pretty darn difficult to. I might as well of been standing still!
I tried it a couple of times yesterday and I thought there was just no way I'm going to keep that little bump on my hips. I woke up this morning and I felt like I got hit by a truck. I think that is attributed to all the moving, shaking and attempted twirling of my hips to try to keep the hula hoop on me and not the ground.

Today was a little better with the hula hoop. I decided I'm going to twirl it on my hips 10 times each time is an attempt to keep it on my hips before it hits the ground.. Those 10 times be a workout session, but they don't last very long. Even after doing that I'm pretty out of breath.
This weekend my husband is working, so I will be cleaning out one of the spare bedrooms. I still have quite a bit of my moms stuff in the spare bedroom, lots of her paperwork and her photo albums. I want to go through them and throw out what I don't need and organize the rest. I might need a scanner to scan the photos and but I don't know about that. Maybe.

Hope you have a great weekend too!


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  • Live and Learn

    I feel my back hurting right now as I think about all of the twisting that comes with a hula hoop. However, I bet it won’t be long before you can keep it for a long time.

    • CentsToSave

      I forgot how MUCH twisting and rolling of the hips there needs to be to keep that thing going. It is exhausting! I am out of shape but even a brief attempt at hooping leaves me breathless. lol!

  • Tanner

    That fee was actually the fee that threw me over the “I totally hate BOA” line. They charge me $10 for moving MY money? Not ever again. That was the last fee they ever accessed on me. Cute little babe you got there! Love the ribbon. And I’m jealous of your weather.

    • CentsToSave

      Not moving money around was my fault. Usually I have pretty good service from BOA.

      The weather today is going to be in the mid 80’s. That is hot for this time of year. But not complaining. I have relatives in Colorado and Wisconsin still getting snow.

  • Susanna

    It’s the motion of the hula hooping that does the trick – you got the workout regardless if the hoop stayed up! reminds me I have a hoop I haven’t used…I used to do the hula hoop thing on my fit or whatever that wii exercise ‘game’ was called…need to gt back to exercising myself – did ww for a while off and on but ther’s soooo much figuring pts stuff and all that I found myself thinking of nothing but food and would feel panicked if I got near my weekly allowance then would crater.

    • CentsToSave

      Changing eating habits is hard. I have tried EVERYTHING! It can drive you crazy focusing on the points, but I have got to do something.

      The hula hoop thing is quite entertaining. I have encouraged my husband to try it. We get a workout out just from the laughing!

  • Jane Harrison

    Somebody looks like they’re having fun in the pool :) You could also use the hula hoop on your arms too – twirl it around each wrist. Keep trying! I went on a juice fast (am still on it) so that I can fit back into my spring clothes if spring ever shows up!

    • CentsToSave

      Hi Jane, You are right I can use the hula hoop on my arms. But will have to do that outside as the hoop will hit ceiling fans when I use it. Hope spring arrives soon for you!