Today’s Agenda

Happy Saturday! This weekend is going to be a very busy weekend for us. I think you can call it and divide and conquer weekend. My husband is at his church in Orlando doing a workday installing some window air-conditioning units and other general maintenance. I'm going to to Tavares, Florida to help out at a adoption event for the local animal shelter.



eBay has been slow this month. And it could be slow for a variety of reasons. First reason being everybody's getting their taxes together trying to get that all straightened out. The second reason is spring has sprung and everybody who's been kept inside by the cold snowy, sleeting,weather is outside and they're not on the computers looking for things to buy on eBay.


I haven't been to the thrift store or the Goodwill as much as I usually am but I have been looking at garage sales online through Facebook to find items different items to sell. Here's a picture of my most recent acquisition.

This is a collection of horse statues from the trail painted ponies series.. Their all first and second editions and they're no longer being made.

I was able to get all six of these painted ponies for $25. I was in the same day that I purchased them, two of them are up for auction starting at $49.99. The other four buy it now now for $99.99 or best offer.


Yesterday I received an offer on one of the horses for $45.99 I want to have accepted the offer, the buyers paying shipping, so now I'm just waiting for them to pay. I hope you other horses sell as quickly and for just as much money. I could hold out for the higher dollar but since things are slow this month and that's to be expected, I'm going for the quick buck and am anxious see what happens.


I know it's only the middle of April but I don't think it's too early to start thinking about Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes. I'm going to be doing that project again through my church here in Clermont, and my husband's church in Orlando. We undertook this project two years ago and we were able to send 100 shoeboxes to Operation Christmas Child.


I'm excited to be working with both churches this year, I think with a combined effort we will be able to send at least 500 Operstion Christmas Child shoeboxes to Samaritans purse for distribution.

Here's our bully, Princess. She has her own pallet to sleep on, she has her own crate to sleep in, but she prefers the back of the couch. It doesn't help with her snoring, but as long as she's comfortable :-)


Have an awesome Saturday, it's time to get going and hit the road. I think I'm a try to get some thrifting along on the way to the animal adoption event. It's going to be a full and busy day.


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  • Live and Learn

    Princess certainly looks comfortable. :) Hope everything went well during your busy day today.

  • Lena

    Aww, Princess is a cutie :)